About us

My Name is Cleonice. I was born in São Paulo, Brazil. I started my artistic career as a theater actress in Sao Paulo, where I worked for many years, as well as in children’s musicals. Since the early 90’s I have been living in Germany and since then have participated as soloist in different musical projects related to Brazilian music. In the last years I have been working on my own projects, interpreting, composing and producing Brazilian music in the ramification of Samba-Jazz, Bossa-Nova and other rhythms, taking our music to various Jazz Clubs and Jazz Festivals in Europe.

My persistent musical work, my experience and business vision, led me to produce and successfully record my last albums. For the last twenty years, I have been singing, composing, directing and producing my own artistic projects. Within this organization has always belonged the work of booking concerts in Germany and other countries, and also the logistics of events at jazz clubs and various jazz festivals in Europe.

This is how NB Agentur was born and grew.

NB Agentur’s services will from now on be extended to the artistic and musical community. Also authors of books, painters and visual artists can use the services.

I am putting all my musical, business and organizational experience at people’s disposal to support musicians and artists to perform in Germany in renowned jazz clubs, at major jazz festivals as well as in organizing Book Releases and Vernissagen.

My intention is artistic support and the promotion of a cultural exchange.

Related to the purpose of the exchange, I am fundamentally interested in interacting in partnerships and cooperations with event promoters.

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