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Our Artists / Release Tour 2023/2024

Nice Brazil New Album “ Minhas Raízes“

Minhas Raízes (My Roots) is a mixture of styles, sounds and colors of Brazil. This eclectic and original project aims to bring together the Brazilian music and Jazz.

Nice Brazil, of Brazilian origin, is the initiator of this project, wich presents jazzy arrangements at Bossa-Nova, Samba, Choro, Baião and own compositions. Including other multifaceted feeling such as the sounds of the big cities Sao Paulo, Rio and Minas Gerais; My Roots is an experience not to be missed.

Nice Brazil (v), Ricardo Fiuza (p), Joel Locher (b), Dirik Schilgen (dr)

GLM Music

Bodo Maier Quintett New Album „Approaching Change“

Powerful, swinging, modern jazz and groove music with the intense drive and vibe that connects people and show up new places. 

Trumpet player Bodo Maiers compositions are tastefully inspired by the musical experiences he did all around the globe in many years as a touring musician and especially by the time he used to live in London. 

In addition to extroverted energetic moments, he also gives insight into the introverted, melancholic world of the trumpet with fascinating ballads.

The different nationalities and musical backgrounds of the musicians are enrichening the sound. One can expect a varied program that takes the listener on an inspiring and uplifting journey.

​Bodo Maier (tr/flh), Max Treutner (sax), Matthieu Trovato (p), Roberto Koch (b), Florian Haas (dr)

QFTF Music

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Nice Brazil
Olivier Ker Ourio
Ricardo Fiuza

Bodo Maier

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